Pumping her ballet flat on the pedal

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Pedalezine Extreme is now offering fetish videos with females wearing ballet flats for your enjoyment.

When it comes to height, ballet heels beat all. Varying from a length of seven to 17 inches, these heels are so high that only the tip of the toe touches the ground. Extremely difficult to walk in, these heels are inspired from pointe ballet dancing, whereby the dancers perform on their toes.

Though shoes used for ballet dancing are flat, ballet heels are rumoured to have originated some time around 1823. The most extreme high heel, where only the toe tips contact the floor, these heels are extremely uncomfortable to walk in and can only be worn occasionally.

For most, wearing ballet heels can be a particularly unpleasant experience, as these heels can cause harsh discomfort in the toes, feet and calf muscles. These heels can cause damage to the toes so badly the wearer could be barred from wearing high heels ever after. Also, balancing in these heels is a hard task.
These heels are worn by ballet dancing fans, with correct coaching. Fitting is vital in shoes with a ballet heel attached, for if the shoes are loose or tight, walking or dancing would be difficult.

often folk who are lean, physically fit, and have equal-length feet and some coaching in pointe ballet dancing go for ballet heels. To avoid pain and damage, the right use of toe padding should additionally be known. Ideal ballet heel shoes give a perfect fit, together with space for toe padding to give protection to the toes. For folk who wear ballet heels, it is critical to have toe ails trimmed, for if the nails are long, then they may cause injuries and bleeding.

Highest in height, yet stylish, ballet heels are created for special purposes and are infrequently worn in regular use.
Pedal Pumping
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